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all of the most cutting edge



... from the 144K Mass Meditation Starseed Group & Return To Your Truth 

- pioneers in non-linear clearing from Omnipresence -

to clear 1,000s of years of internal blocks in only 1-2 hours




If you're still uncertain, the 4 Phases is a good place to start.

Phase 1 alone will keep you more than occupied - in a positive way - for over a month

All bases are covered. From deepest soul level work to subconscious mind clearing & everything in between.

 THE 50% - 80% DISCOUNT FOR ALL RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH PRODUCTS lasts through Friday, March 29th! 

Results are all that matters

" ... I've done over 30 healing & clearing modalities with little or no success, until now"





" ... everything seems easier to deal with"


Hamish, AU



" ... fights between my partner & I have greatly dropped. Can't thank you enough"


"X", CA



" ... I showed  The Teams images of where the abuse occurred. Now I actually feel neutral about it"





New To DEEP and ROBUST Energy Work

Commencement Pack:

If you consider yourself new to energy work / internal healing ... or see yourself relatively untrained in it & nervous or unsure about it all ... but still need something that's ROBUST and frees you from huge amounts of 'dead internal weight' that's weighing down your life heavily right now - this is probably the place to start. There's no huge learning curve ... there's no endless & expensive one-on-ones ... and you have all the backing & support from Beyond Multiversal Beings - to finally make 10 years worth of headway in 6 months, safely.


What's more ... you'll easily learn , through close & careful guidance from me ... the core fundamentals of internal healing, like Soul Fragment Retrieval & learning how to transmute. Hit the down arrow buttons on the right to quickly discover further details of each component of this powerful package that will more than take care of your energetic needs for the next 6-12 months. Which equals to a LOT in savings

The 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System - Audio Sessions: normally $240

Soul Fragment Retrieval Guided Session - CENTRAL to internal healing: normally $179

How To Transmute On-The-Fly Guided Audio - To free your emotions & get on with your day without interference: normally $67





 Spring Equinox  SPECIAL: $147

Results are all that matter

"... my issue had to do with others perceiving me in a certain negative light​. But this drizzly Sunday  morning (after the ICB) everyone was all smiles to me and speaking affectionately (HUH???​) ..."




" ... I've never EVER had that much explosion and crackling of my 3rd eye before ..."




"... I truly appreciated the flow of insight, guidance, and instructions you shared along each step of the journey. Massive clearing has been profound. What a gift!! "


Nathan P,


" ...you and the Teams are a turning point in my life. 

Yes, the energies are clear, and even the animals sense nothing at all ..."




"The protection codes have made a world of difference in my life. I work with clients to help clear past life traumas, entities - lower timelines ect. And have had to clear almost hourly throughout the day at times.

Now I feel supported and have new tools to support myself , my office and stop me from doing hours of clearing each day"


Thank you, Jim.


Sollena M


Get more solid, grounded & confident, to dreams ... with the

Stabilize & Fortify Pack:

If you're tired of constantly being stopped ... or there's always [physical & non-physical] distractions ... everything is chaotic ... loud ... and you have trouble sitting still or being grounded ... or maybe you just want to have more stillness, safety, be more stable & have quite times ... then the Stabilize & Fortify Pack is for you.


You always need a solid 'energetic foundation' to manifest your desired reality, that's aligned with who you are ... what you're here for .... your soul purpose ... with the ability (and confidence) to handle anything that comes you way - inspite of the past! 


So if all this resonates, click the down-arrows on the right of each tool/support below to read more ... and if you diligently use each of these in this profound pack, I really mean it (and talking from experience) when I say you really can get a grip of your situation & handle anything that comes your way! 

The External Protection Code - Personal, House & Car: normally $149

Personal Timeline External Protection Codes: normally $97

Relationships External Protection Codes: normally $97

Internal Compression Breakthrough [I.C.B] Full Package: 100 clearing sessions in 1 - normally $137

How To Transmute On-The-Fly, Guided Audio: normally $67

Gaia Connection & Grounding, Code: normally $147



 Spring Equinox  SPECIAL: $157

Results are all that matter

 ... I woke up in the middle of the night, having to pee really badly" 


Joshau. H

" ... II would say overall, I definitely feel better for wearing the Codes ..."




"... I truly appreciated the flow of insight, guidance, and instructions you shared along each step of the journey. Massive clearing has been profound. What a gift!! "


Nathan P,


" ...I stared to do my spiritual practices more often again. As if some of my inertia was gone.  Basically, it is a mental detox for me ..."


Sandy, Ng


.. I'm having about 3 bowel movements a day. I typically have one a day. 

I noticed waking up in the morning being more awake and alert. 

I have been feeling less groggy in the morning and have had less of a need or craving for coffee that I typically have daily ..."


Jason B


Increase Body Voltage To Support DNA Activation & 3rd Eye Performance with the

Detox, Cleanse & Energize Pack:

This is nowhere near as mundane as it sounds. How much voltage is travelling throughout your circuitry has a direct impact on not just energy levels and how you feel, but also how much electrical current can flow to your endocrine system (influencing 3rd eye performance - receiving intuitive info from your guides) ...


... and how much continued DNA Activation can be sustained. Because the more DNA comes online - the more voltage is needed to support it. DNA Activation itself produces some, but not enough extra voltage.


So what do we do - we spend money every month on some super-duper supplement or high-priced detox therapy treatment. Well click the first down-arrow below for the Quantum Detox Code info, to find out why that's not nearly enough to do the job. And wait till you hear what the Implants Removal Code does!

Quantum Detox Codenormally $149

Implants, Devices & Structures Removal Code: normally $147

Anti-Deuterium Hydro Max Code: normally $147



 Spring Equinox  SPECIAL: $137

"... I had this sudden awareness of a clear field, as if, from within. 

It was CLEAR!

Never experienced seeing that before! 

There was an accompanying calm".


Michel, OR

Results are all that matters

"... they increased my energy & boosted my stamina.  I feel more connected to my psychic abilities and my senses seem to be waking up ..."


Helen A


"The DNA codes have been integral in my ability to maintain a steady level of energy in these times. They have helped in allowing me to access my truth for my purpose, They have helped me to see other's truths clearly.

In addition, the people that are coming into my life are more of my soul tribe. The work we are doing together to raise the vibration of the planet has been profound".


Analise McNikol

"... I can feel the energy penetrating my body's energy system.  I do feel more energetic and also feel the detox effect of them, which means less energy, more need for rest.  I can recall my dreams better. I have a device that tracks my sleep and I have been getting more deep sleep since I started using them -- 3+ hours a night!


Thanks so much for all that you do for us! best".



" ... I noticed that a destructive thought pattern I’ve struggled with for years no longer had as much power over me. I was able to dismiss it. I have more energy and just feel more grounded in my SELF".


Larry G


"I wake to answers and directions for various questions regarding healing, moving forward & handling things and events in different ways than I had even thought of before.  It is helping me with the collective fear as well".




Time For

Consistent - Automated

DNA Activation ... with the

DNA Activator Pack:

If you've done your homework on DNA Activation ... you'll know that our environment shuts down most progress, after each activation.


Then there's the huge issue of very few of us having the time to do awkward or difficult visualizations on a weekly basis, let alone every day. Life's too chaotic, and we've got way too much going on to focus on this consistently ever day - just to be able to compete with with the negative grid-environment - specifically designed to suppress DNA Activation btw.


And we're ENTITLED to our POWER ... and the freedom & choice that comes with that. So hit the down-arrow below to find out how this nasty problem has finally been laid to rest. It's time ... (and the feedback has been amazing).


These are Codes that you print out, laminate at your local print shop/office supply shop & stick on your water containers in the first month, then wear in your pockets the 2nd month onward. They're that extreme.

DNA Activator Pack [All 4 DNA Codes]: normally $397 [for public]



 Spring Equinox  SPECIAL: $147

"Hi Jim, I hope you are well.


I have noticed since using the DNA codes when I sleep my dreams are more vivid - my intuition seems to be more finetuned than before in a way I can't explain.


I have noticed my high sensitive nature has shifted, I am not as affected by other people's energy as I used to be - maybe the DNA codes have created a shield & my body isn't bloated as it used to be before, especially my feet.


Hopefully this feedback helped.




" Hey Jim  :) 

I feel the codes have definitely helped with my sleep and meditation.  

I felt it immediately help with detox symptoms and just random weird pains I usually get when the moon is New or Full.  

I truly have felt little to know depression since using them.  Wow, my anxiety and overthinking or worrying is also much better now that I'm thinking about it too!

Thank you so much for sharing them with me!"




Results are all that matters

What a great technique! There was an issue that kept repeating itself on many levels.


When I jumped into my chest I traveled through my light and saw multiple spots that were brownish, when passing them they became lighter.


Some of them went bright white, other just lighter, not fully white yet.


felt it very much in my physical body, a relief and relaxation, where former tension resides.


I have bought and used all that you offered, 4-phase, de-hypnosis, the codes, I have been a patreon member and so forth.


As things have shifted a lot, also within me. I am so much stronger and stable now.


Working and connecting with the frequencies of the teams has become natural to me and I am very glad that I was introduced to them via you.]


Hedy K


" Wow - thank you so much for this …. the first time I listened I was shown a scene from this life when I was a teenager which I had totally blocked previously and was extremely traumatic …


I was able to not only retrieve the soul fragment but totally change into light the whole situation and all associated timelines …. it was a powerful experience and something I actually find difficult to describe …


I am very grateful for this Jim and especially how easy and quickly it happened ! I look forward to ..."




Been at this for 10-40 yrs & think you know it all?

Get the

Energy Mastery & Matrix Control - Pack:

Well ... ironically - for those of us who do think 'we know it all', we also know that there's always MORE.


Much more ...


Although people who are relatively new to energy work can & have used advanced guided sessions like the I.C.B with a lot of success -  the Energy Mastery & Matrix Control Pack is perfect for you if:

  • you want to avoid ploughing through blocks for another 30-50 years
  • triumph over your biggest fears, in safety
  • handle anything, when anything comes up
  • transmute an event or situation that's arisen & grow stronger from it overnight
  • easily learn to interact & work with Beyond Multiversal Levels of Light for a level of control you haven't experience before 

And I'm talking from personal experience re all the above.


Time & time again ...


So hit the down-arrow button for each item below, d your homework & follow guidance & or listen to logic. The testimonials are real!


Return To True DE-Hypnosis: Without your BIGGNESS ... there is no 'better' - normally $67

How To Transmute On-The-Fly: 11min guided audio - normally $67

Internal Compression Breakthrough [I.C.B] Full Package: 100 clearing sessions in 1normally $147

Soul Fragment Retrieval Guided Session - CENTRAL to internal healing: normally $179

Gaia Connection & Grounding, Code: normally $147



 Spring Equinox  SPECIAL: $157

Open your mind & EXPLORE - to discover new and more powerful ways to do energy work - to take charge.

No matter what resource you use, whether it's paid or whether it's free ... make sure you open up your mind to the fact that there's always 'more' - in terms of spiritual paragdime ... what else 'is out there' ... new & little known Light Beings from levels of Light (or realms) few know about ... etc. As that old Einstein saying goes; " ... you can't solve a problem with the same level of consciousness it took to create it"

Having an open & curious mindset, helps you discover more & often 'better' - which accelerates your evolution, to return to bliss & love.

Such unheard of Levels of Light want to work directly with you now. It's time. They have new & different ways of transmuting that are extremely powerful, that you'll greatly benefit from to transform your life & actualize your potential. 

You can take your spirit guides ... Light teams ... & Archangels with you

There's no rule that says you can't take your current spirit guides, Higher Self & the commonly known Archangels with you .... when working with the powerful Light Teams you may not be familiar with. These Teams want to work with as many physical & non-physical beings in this Universe as possible -  like one big happy family.

What other people are saying.

" ... Greetings brother Jim. I thank you again for the De-hypnosis. I have done it twice & I can really feel the impact on me. I've also been doing the 4 Phases and, ICB Clearing more and more. Thank you for making me feel the way I am today. My energy level is up to par. Just wanted to thank you again brother for your help. ​

Everton Ras Kronik Edwards

Music Artist, http://raskronik.com

" ... I've really been able to 'step-up' in life, both in terms of over-all personal [higher] timeline & my career with my earth grids website. Above all ... I've been able to STAY there & only move up. NO more 'back-sliding' or aspects of my life 'exploding' and sending me back down in frequency. I've got the 4 Phases ... ICB ... De-Hypnosis ... to thank for that".

Michelle Gibson

Proof of an advanced civilization based on the physical lay-out of earth's grid: https://piercingtheveilofillusion.com

About the Creator: Jim Tourtsakis

Jim is the creator/author of The 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System & Internal Compression Breakthrough (ICB), De-Hypnosis & the '4 Keys based' DNA Activation Codes.


He's helped make the spiritual world aware of the crucial need to clear internally in a non-linear way - from Omnipresence ... and with Beyond Multiversal Beings for the necessary & robust enough energetic backing, to vastly accelerate healing for bigger & faster results.


He is also founder of the 144k Activation Campaign & also has a weekly online radio show - Ground Crew Command Radio - where he informs ... motivates ... trains ... guides ... inspires ... and constantly reminds the 144k and other kindred spirits of why they're here, how to carry out their missions for the planet & for their own empowerment, and honor who they really are.

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