Could this be the biggest, most neglected missing piece in the world of energy healing ... spiritual evolution ... hypnosis ... consciousness growth ... personal development & transformation ?

... it's all about returning to your True Self & its natural BIGNESS that knows no fear ... never needs approval or validation from anyone or anything, thrives on challenges, naturally gets respect, naturally reflects its bigness & abundance in your 'outer' reality back at you in the form of bigger & far more positive results   -  by getting your false incarnational identity to finally accept your BIG True Identity down into your physical level - through 

addressing certain subconscious programs of the stubborn adult mind your false incarnational identity (its smallness & small results) runs on ... with a never-before seen:




I'll get straight to the point. What if I told you - it's the subconscious programs that make up your false identity within your current incarnation that constitutes up to 50% of all blocks & prevent you from living the life you want.


We thought activating more & more DNA to bring in the Higher-Self ... along with healing & clearing our way to the True Self is enough to unleash our power and take full control ... But we forgot about the stubborn adult mind - that stands in the way.  


You can do a thousand healing sessions & courses ... but if you don't dissolve or at least integrate your current incarnational false identity & it's personality into your True Identity ... by:

  • de-hypnotizing the stubborn, rigid adult mind. with the right, little known de-programming hypnosis phraseology no other hypnosis treatment even knows about ... so it can finally accept your True Identity + the power & free-will that comes with that.

  • addressing & removing previously unknown fears it has to the profound change that occurs. when returning to its True Identity & its innate BIGNESS that doesn't even understand fear.   

  • as one of 3 unspoken primordial fears to bringing your True Identity into your physical self. finally deal with your false identity sensing its own death and hitting the brakes on your evolution & success ...when returning to its True Identity & its innate BIGNESS that doesn't even understand fear.   

  • qualify for FAR bigger upgrades ... clearings ... activations & get MUCH 
    more out of future robust energy sessions.
    because your current incarnation has accepted your True Identity at a sub-conscious level & embraces its completely unfamiliar energies & the unknown ...
     which (truth-be-told) used to petrify it ... no matter how 'wooooonderful & lofty' we've been told it will be.

Introducing:  Return To True Self DE-Hypnosis:

A one-of-a-kind DE-hypnotherapy session:

Fear Disappears When You Return To Your True Identity

... at the Incarnational LEVEL 

No other hypnosis or 'Higher Self integration' process truly understands & handles the extent of our SUBCONSCIOUS attachments to 'what we're used to' ... familiar with ... & quite comfortable with.

When you know you exist forever & FEEL it

... at the Incarnational LEVEL

This is all about being perfectly grounded & realistic about what it takes to return to your True Identity.

Pride ... Dignity

naturally restored 

... when you dissolve your small, false Sense-Of-Self & bring your BIGNESS down into your current physical incarnation, regardless of the past, because that was NEVER the real you.

And people see it! 

Tranquility & Peace comes with bringing your True Identity down to the physical

... and you realize your time here on the physical plane & planet is only brief, so you must do what you can to contribute to people's lives ... based on your soul purpose & talents.

Super Self Confidence, 

Certainty & Control


... no matter how many times "you" failed in the past.

You simply weren't the real you, to begin with. 

What The World Thinks of You ... no longer matters


... when you remove programs that lie about your bigness. You care about how you look because of your own super high esteem & regard for yourself ... not from gaining approval or acceptance. 

About the Creator: Jim Tourtsakis

Jim is also the creator/author of The 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System & Internal Compression Breakthrough guided sessions ... where he's helped make the spiritual world aware of the crucial need to clear internally in a non-linear way - from Omnipresence ... and with Beyond Multiversal Beings for the necessary & robust enough energetic backing, to vastly accelerate healing for bigger & faster results.


He is also founder of the 144k Activation Campaign & also has a weekly online radio show - Ground Crew Command Radio - where he informs ... motivates ... trains ... guides ... inspires ... and constantly reminds the 144k and other kindred spirits of why they're here, how to carry out their missions for the planet & for their own empowerment, and honor who they really are.

"What People Are Saying"

I have done the De-hypnosis each day for the last 10 days. I received an eviction notice (due to renovations), and I have only a 1% chance of finding a new place to live. Yet I am feeling extremely happy and excited, no worries or fears of what is to come. Thank you so much, as this positive outlook will help me to manifest a better path forward.

No I did not feel like this before, first was panic, then I also felt very overwhelmed, as all seemed hopeless, but now I am feeling motivated to do things.


Daniel Walters

It really covered a lot of areas... and for me the parts about embracing change and challenge are huge. Intellectually I always got it, but still avoided it when possible. I would hole-up in my comfort zone and that becomes an issue..with no potential for growth....and I am a hermit by nature. I had no intention of changing.....until a few listenings of this.

It is clear to me that this recording is stirring things up that needed to be addressed. And in that process I feel soothed and supported like I can do anything. The energy is so smooth, nurturing and masterfully delivered. I just drop right in and sail along with no worries or resistance.


In sum...I LOVE IT.  It really is a delightful, yet powerful experience and I HIGHLY recommend it. 

Andrea Ryan

Greetings brother Jim.


I thank you again for the De-hypnosis. 

I have done it twice & I can really feel the impact on me.


I also been doing the ICB Clearing more and more. Just wanted to thank you again brother for your help!

Everton Edwards

Ras Kronik Music -

If you're already doing energy work with Beyond Multiversal Beings of Light & from Omnipresence, this is will greatly accelerate your RETURN.

It's hard for many to believe, that the false incarnational identity is petrified of moving way outside it's comfortable ... 'safe' ... and familiar surroundings, to re-discover the massive True Identity that resides way past your personal boundaries. 


But it's true.


Time to remove those fears.

Why Wait? Your True Self IS Waiting For You:

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