Discover the single biggest FUNDAMENTAL to mastering energy 

... to control your destiny & results in life.  It’s not beliefs, it's not law of attraction, it’s not implants, it’s not DNA Activation ... and certainly not the incomplete 'feeling-as-if' to  'change the field' either. They come later.

... no need to worry, be shocked or feel fear about what you're about to discover, (because you've been living with this paranormal phenomena your whole life already, whether you knew it or not), but for the sake of gaining your freedom ... it's time for you to know:


Your 'internal blocks' is only 50% of the picture.

... and no, "banishing" them doesn't work.


To clear most or even all of the endless frustration ... slow progess ... overwhlem ... fear ... or pain of not having what you want, much less the bitter dissapointments of setbacks after so much time & effort you couldn't afford to lose & actually be in charge of what you attract - you simply need to apply this easy to learn & use tool - that's just as fundamental as what a:

  • hammer is to a carpenter
  • a scalpul is to a surgeon
  • a rifle is to a soldier
  • a keyboard is to a writer

So what's the single biggest fundamental to mastering energy to be in control?


It comes down to transmutation

... of non-physical negative entities in your field who also misdirect AND attract like-negative energy ... which most gurus don't know about or talk about.

Use this short How To Transmute On-The-Fly audio & be easily guided by a former one-on-one healer & auric technician into one of the most powerful application of metaphysics & your mind's abilities. Quickly learn to REALLY take charge.

 ... and this sure beats the 'going into the feeling' technique! 

  • Control Timelines

    "ghosts" & various paranormal phenomena are real ... and the negative ones give off dense-heavy energy that LADDEN your field, so each time you transmute one, your frequency goes up notch - and you naturaly ascend to a higher timeline for better control of your destiny - at long last

  • Stop giving up on tools that WORK 

    and getting distracted by the next thing. Avoid continuously falling into the same trap of only get half as much out of everything you've invested time, money & effort in - only to give up & move onto the next bright-shiny-object 6months later, just to repeat the same mediocre  progress

  • A New Way To Take Control

    know exactly what to do when anything bad happens (or avoid it all together), especially when ‘things start looking good’, to get back-on-track fast ... even in the momment. And if that doesn't fix things - only then do you look into a possible internal block. And you can use this same tool for clearing those too.

  • Go past personal boundaries with 


    not fear ... because that's where the treasures lie. Naturally end up on a higher timeline where ‘bigger & better’ exists, without  dependency on a psychic healer’s schedule & experience liberation by learning & activating your natural ability to transmute entities & energies

  • Prevent so called 'self sabotage' and 'gradual shutdown' of progress

    after hard-won breakthroughs. Sure ... keep on working on your beliefs & sub-consious programs, but do NOT underestimate how much of the 'gradual shudown' of progress or 'self sabotage' comes directly from negative entities. This is a MAJOR oversight of personal development & metaphysics. 

  • Stay on-track more reliably & consistently

    to get to your dreams of freedom, abundance & high esteem sooner, by reducing ... avoiding ... or transforming those bad emotions. Whether it's overwhelm, fear, frustration, confusion or despondency that comes with pushing into new territory on the way to your dreams. There's at least a 50% chance it's from an external source. Meaning ... an entity. 

  • You won't be alone

    whether you want success in business, relationships, finances or anything else ... you'll be closely guided, held by the hand & shown how to transmute enties & energies causing havoc, manipulating or just attracting the cirmustances you DON'T want.

  • Save money by reducing the need for readings, coaching or counseling 

    and focus on results instead, to create consistent progress. They say the trick to success is progress. But it must be consistent - which is achieved by having a clear field, to start freeing yourself from the most unspoken interference to your progress.   

  • The missing 'secret sauce'

    Knowing how to transmute non-physical entities & black plasma ... is the secret sauce that even the great metaphysical masters either don't know about ... or don't know what to do with.

  • Negative emotions stop or slow progress. About  half of them come from entities

    if you've ever procrastinated, felt dred or any kind of "I don't feel like doing this" emotion over starting or doing critical work, there's at least a 50% chance you have an entity in your energy field [aura] to transmute.   

  • Cut down on  courses & products you buy

    to once a year, instead of every 3months - and divert that time, money & effort into into income producing projects & fullfilling your goals

  • Superb Rapid Response, To Maintain Direction

    'How To Transmute On-The-Fly' guided audio is an effective & quick way of dealing with entities in your aura, so they don't attract bad things into your life because of the negative energy they emanate. Enjoy more consistent progess to your dreams of freedom & security

  • Use this to clear any form of negative energy - for internal blocks as well

    Visualizing what you want for 5mins each morning & losely focusing on it 80% of your day works great - but negative energies like black plasma, dense low-vibrational energy from interactions & not-so-pleasant encounters is hard to avoid. Use this tool to clear these negative-attractor-factors too to create continues mini-frequency-ascensions to bigger-&-better  

  • If you're not at peace - then you're not alone. It's not the challenge that's the issue

    I know this is a hard concept to get used to, but you'd be amazed how well you can accept (be in non-resistance) to work or challenges, keep on putting one foot infront of the other ... and see solutions ... when you're simply still & centered, thanks to actually being alone when you're supposed to!

  • Spot opportunities & solutions far better

    because your mind & emotions will be more clear & centered. Prevent missed opportunities or not meeting the right people & resources - since entities often blind a person & lower their frequency in a way where you could miss opportunities that are there in plain sight. 

  • This will not solve all your problems overnight

    ... there's no such thing.

  • This is not a course, tutorial or presentation

    ... it's hands on, serious clearings so you can take charge of your own energy field & timelines ... otherwise it's harder to create & keep positive change.

  • It's not designed to clear everything revealed in the L.I.E Map Presentation 

    ... this is about learning to work with energy in a more powerful little-known way, and 'laying the foundation right' to where you CAN heal & activate all things revealed in the L.I.E Map. Knowing how to transmute is one of the first things you need to learn.

  • This short guided audio also comes with a PDF Guide with tips & suggested uses.

    When it comes to energy, this is  where you need to start  

    ... otherwise it's hard to hold on to any gains you make in life through any course, healing, mind power application or anything else you try.

Get FAR more out of your current tools & methods

... you've spent so much time & money learning, to remove the quicksand that's holding up your current progress &  metaphysical tools ... and instead:


... by using this

How To Transmute On-The-Fly Audio & PDF User Guide  now, for only: 







"What's with the time limit?

... Everyone needs this".


We live in an online & constantly 'connected' era  that's infamous for distractions, choices & too many bright shiny objects.


I know I won't be serving & supporting you if I don't strongly encourage you to get this now.

Otherwise ... if you 'leave this tab up for later' or hit the back button - you'll miss out completely.

    " ... ascending in personal timelines occurs naturally, each time you clear entities & dense energies from your field"




    • When should I use this?

      Use this each time:


      - negative emotions either appear, or get amplified to an out-of-balance extent. Entities often amplify existing emotions, even positive ones ... to where you're not centered, calm & focused


      - when there's sudden failure of devices or equipment (for no apparent reason). You can clear your computer or phone for example.


      - a goal or project which ‘explodes’ and goes south


      - ‘fires’ that show up & need to be put out 


      - sudden or increased physical pain, tiredness or mental fogginess


      - “attacks” through other people


      - a range of things going wrong


      - an increase in overwhelm or frustration, etc


      - you can clear important events or meetings before they take place

    • Do I need to listen to the audio every time?


      Once you learn this quick & simple process & get the hang of it, you don't need to keep on putting on this audio. You can not only 'transmute on the fly' ... but you can cut the process down to ONE minute, per entity, including its source!

    RESULTS is all that matters.

    ... anything else is a waste of time.

     "This has literally made my mission possible. A serious upgrade on my previous clearing tools"

    " I have been using the 'transmute on the fly' audio for 4 months and it has upgraded everything in my life.  I use it all the time to clear emotions, clear living spaces, clear tech issues, get projects back on track, and help with any murkiness in relationships too. This is a serious upgrade on my previous clearing tools!


    What I appreciate even more than all this, is how my ability to participate in mass meditations has changed.  I used to come under heavy fire during and after mass meditations, suffering mentally and emotionally and having sleepless nights.  Now I breeze through with confidence, and the only after effect is the satisfaction of doing what I came here to do!  This audio has literally made my mission possible.   I can never thank the Unknown LightWarrior enough for these tools."  




     "the protocol worked like a treat. I needed it today. I feel peaceful now".

    " Today I was in a very grouchy mood with people, all day really, and just getting exasperated with every little thing (grrr, my computer froze for a few seconds, grrr someone pulled out in front of me, grrrr there's a road closure and I have to find a new route) ... silly stuff I normally wouldn't think twice about.


    Only in the last hour I cleared my head enough to remember your Transmute-On-The-Fly training and I have just listened again and did the work.


    The protocol has worked a treat. I needed it today. I feel peaceful now. Now I need to go and sleep!




    About the Creator: Jim Tourtsakis

    Jim is the creator/author of The 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System & Internal Compression Breakthrough (ICB), De-Hypnosis & the '4 Keys based' DNA Activation Codes.


    He's helped make the spiritual world aware of the crucial need to clear internally in a non-linear way - from Omnipresence ... and with Beyond Multiversal Beings for the necessary & robust enough energetic backing, to vastly accelerate healing for bigger & faster results.


    He is also founder of the 144k Meditation Group & also has a bi-weekly online radio show - Ground Crew Command Radio - where he informs ... motivates ... trains ... guides ... inspires ... and constantly reminds the 144k and other kindred spirits of why they're here, how to carry out their missions for the planet & for their own empowerment, and honor who they really are.


    ... by using this How To Transmute On-The-Fly Audio & PDF Guide now, for only: 







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