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Time to put it all together

Watch the breakthrough L.I.E Map free training (below) to firstly gain the proper understanding of the full depth & scope of what's been controlling your everyday life - and how to break free without spending a life-time doing past-life regression, inner child techniques, breaking vows - agreements - contracts etc, changing sub-conscious beliefs, NLP, 'feeling-as-if' & other standard practices & healing that don't go far enough.

by Jim Tourtsakis - aka The Unknown Lightwarrior, of Return To Your Truth, Ground Crew Command Radio & founder of 144K Starseed Group

Soul-level healing is the foundation for making your life work.

It’s not beliefs, it's not law of attraction, it’s not implants, it’s not DNA Activation!

It all starts with your Soul

... the deepest part of your subconscious field.

Use this 26min Soul Fragment Retrieval audio & be easily guided by a former one-on-one healer & auric technicians into what is likely the most powerful application of metaphysics & your mind's abilities.

  • Control Timelines

    learn 'timeline manipulation' (manipulating it YOUR WAY) ... to really be in control of you destiny - at long last

  • Stop Repeating The Past

    avoid continuously falling into the same karmic imprints & just repeating everything no matter how hard you try to make life better & manifest goals

  • A New Way Of Taking Control

    know exactly what to do when anything bad happens, especially when ‘things start looking good’, to get back-on-track fast. Even on the same day

  • A Must-Know Core Fundamental Of Internal Work

    bounce back from almost anything & naturally end up on a higher timeline where ‘bigger & better’ exists, without dependency on a healer’s schedule & experience  liberation by discovering the past at the deepest level (soul). Properly 'retrieve it' to move on and no longer repeat it in the future

  • Naturally Feel Comfortable With Money, To Attract More

    clear money limitations at the soul (foundational) level, to materialize abundance & ease

  • 'Detox From The Past' More Seamlessly

    finally take charge of the problem; “you can never escape the past when going up in frequency, to a better life & manifestation mastery”

  • You won't be alone

    whether you want success in business, relationships, finances or anything else ... you'll be closely guided, held by the hand & shown how to 'dive into your soul' to discover (and CLEAR) the core-cause of 'what just happened' or 'how did I end up here'

  • Save money by reducing the need for readings, coaching or counseling 

    and focus on results instead, to create consistent progress. They say the trick to success is progress. But it must be consistent - which is achieved by weekly, habitualized Soul Fragment Retrieval, which you can now do, to start freeing yourself from the past at the required depth   

  • Get To The Core Cause - Quickly

    know the primary things that run your life & how to say no to it, without endless & expensive one-on-ones or talking therapy  

  • No More Glass Ceiling. Save time 

    overcome challenges when they happen, instead of languishing for weeks or months, costing you enormous time & missed opportunities

  • Superb Rapid Response, To Maintain Direction

    have final victory over that  evolutionary dilema of - ascending to 'bigger & better' always pushes out unresolved internal blocks - that often causes chaos, set-backs & timeline descent ... in the best & most time-effective way

  • Attract Better Relationships

    understand why you’re in a toxic relationship, or why you’re single & lonely. And what to do about it

  • Freedom From Contracts & Agreements

    you can discover agreements & contracts that show up as soul fragments needing retrieval (to revoke & nullify) without relying on the 'right words'

  • This will not solve all your problems overnight

    ... there's no such thing.

  • This is not a course, tutorial or presentation

    ... it's hands on, serious clearings so you can take charge of your own energy field & timelines ... otherwise nothing will change no matter what you do.

  • It's not designed to clear everything revealed in the L.I.E Map Presentation 

    ... this is about learning to work with energy in a more powerful little-known way, and 'laying the foundation right' to where you CAN heal & activate all things revealed in the L.I.E Map. Healing the soul comes FIRST.

  • This short guided audio is about retrieving your trapped soul fragments, which is -

     where you need to start  

    ... otherwise it's hard to hold on to any gains you make in life through any course, healing, mind power application or anything else you try.

Get MUCH more out of your current tools & methods

You'll be working with little-known 7th dimensional auric technicians to remove the quicksand that's holding up your current personal development & or metaphysical tools & methods ... and instead:


... by using this Soul Fragment Retrieval Session Audio now, for only: 


"What's with the time limit?

... Everyone needs this".


We live in an online & constantly 'connected' era  that's infamous for distractions, choices & too many bright shiny objects.


I know I won't be serving & supporting you if I don't strongly encourage you to get this now.

Otherwise ... if you 'leave this tab up for later' or hit the back button - you'll miss out completely.

    "Wow - thank you so much for this …. the first time I listened I was shown a scene from this life when I was a teenager which I had totally blocked previously and was extremely traumatic … I was able to not only retrieve the soul fragment but totally change into light the whole situation and all associated timelines …. it was a powerful experience and something I actually find difficult to describe … I am very grateful for this Jim and especially how easy and quickly it happened ! I look forward to this again ..."​

    Juanita C


    " ... ascending in personal timelines occurs naturally, each time you clear past imprints/events from  retrieving soul fragments"



     "I am so much stronger and stable now"

    What a great technique! There was an issue that kept repeating itself on many levels. When I jumped into my chest I travelled through my light and saw multiple spots that were brownish, when passing them they became lighter. Some of them went bright white, other just lighter, not fully white yet. I felt it very much in my physical body, a relief and relaxation, where former tension resides.
    As things have shifted a lot, also within me. I am so much stronger and stable now.
    Working and connecting with the frequencies of the teams has become natural to me and I am very glad that I was introduced to them via you ..."


    Hedi J. 


     "I followed the audio and instantly felt so much better"

    I survived horrible child abuse and broke all ties with my family. I wanted to use the soul fragment retrieval audio but delayed it. That night I dreamed about ancient Egypt and recognized my family from back then.

    I woke up feeling terrible even though everything suddenly now clicked and made sense.

    I did the soul fragment retrieval and discovered I was stuck in a painful scene from that life.

    I followed the audio and instantly felt so much better than I have ever felt before regarding their cruelty, it somehow didn’t hurt me anymore.

    I did it again just to make sure and I went easily through it and now felt a sense of peace unknown in my life so far.

    I’m still feeling peaceful a few days later. Thank you so much!! 🥰 🧡 ️ ... Will use it again when something painful comes up again"


    Jen E.


    You can take your spirit guides ... Light teams ... & Archangels with you

    There's no rule that says you can't take your current spirit guides, Higher Self & the commonly known Archangels with you .... when working with the powerful Light Teams you may not be familiar with. These Teams want to work with as many physical & non-physical beings in this Universe as possible -  like one big happy family.

    About the Creator: Jim Tourtsakis

    Jim is the creator/author of The 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System & Internal Compression Breakthrough (ICB), De-Hypnosis & the '4 Keys based' DNA Activation Codes.


    He's helped make the spiritual world aware of the crucial need to clear internally in a non-linear way - from Omnipresence ... and with Beyond Multiversal Beings for the necessary & robust enough energetic backing, to vastly accelerate healing for bigger & faster results.


    He is also founder of the 144k Meditation Group & also has a bi-weekly online radio show - Ground Crew Command Radio - where he informs ... motivates ... trains ... guides ... inspires ... and constantly reminds the 144k and other kindred spirits of why they're here, how to carry out their missions for the planet & for their own empowerment, and honor who they really are.


    ... by using this Soul Fragment Retrieval Session Audio now, for only: 


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