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Below are the cutting edge of some of the most robust psychic/energy clearing & activation products available anywhere, that don't require reliance & constant expenditure on live one-on-ones, among many other benefits. 

by Jim Tourtsakis - aka The Unknown Lightwarrior, of Ground Crew Command Radio

FOLLOW YOUR GUIDANCE ON WHAT YOU NEED FIRST - (if still uncertain, the 4 Phases is a good place to start. Phase 1 alone will keep you more than occupied - in a positive way - for over a month)

All bases are covered. From deepest soul level work to subconscious mind clearing & everything in between.


for 144K Members only


The 4 Phases Exponential Healing & Clearing System

Generally the place to start for most, including those who've spent decades working on themselves. The 4 Phases have a very broad & general focus, but extremely comprehensive & thorough, making it a great place to start peeling those complex layers of 'stuff' we carry with us each day, effecting our everyday life ... let alone our goals & natural ability to manifest.


This is partly because it's most people's first experience & introduction to working with Beyond Multiversal Levels of Light (Beings) which simply means far more clearing power. Some have said, to an unprecedented extent. So much so, many have reported they have trouble staying awake once they're taken 'up there'. 


This is because most people's system isn't used to & as yet acclimated to such extreme & long forgoten levels of Light. The other advantage is - no level of darkness can compete with these Beings. They 'rip through anything' in no-time.

Internal Compression Breakthrough (ICB) 

You can consider the ICB as the 'sister' of the 4 Phases, because you're working with all the same Light Beings you are in the 4 Phases ... the only real difference is the focus is exclusively on specific & often highly acute issues [blocks] ... or 'themes'. And unlike the 4 Phases, nothing else is focused on, except what you show the Teams.


Sometimes ... problems or blocks, or a whole pattern in your life based around a certain theme - needs singular focus in a whole session, to clear it.


The reason for this is generally because some blocks that have manifested themselves outwardly into our current lives & therefore wreaking havoc & pain, stem from permutations of various blocks that are very 'vertical' in nature. By that I mean, the root cause is thousands of life-times ago & just their side-effects [permutations] let-alone the root cause, need clearing too.


Another way to put it is, the 4 Phases clears massive horizontal layers & quantity of 'stuff' ... and the ICB goes vertical, all the way down to original event, that cast that original die - which created a multi-lifetime 'theme' of a struggle.


Very careful guidance & hand-holding support is provided during this guided session. Because it's combined with Beyond Multilevel support too, this means you can easily face down your biggest fears or challenges with complete confidence - with training mixed in too ... making this not only comparable to a live one-on-one, but one of the most powerful spiritual products out there.          

DNA Healing, Clearing & Activation Codes

What sets this DNA Activation method apart - is that it's based on the realization that the environment we all live in, shuts down most forward progress (sometimes all progress) the common & known methods of DNA Activation [DO] achieve.


Those methods being: visualization sessions (with or without codes) ... sound frequency tones/sounds ... commands ... etc.


Generally these are done on a 'one-off' basis, perhaps once a week ... assuming the individual doesn't get distracted over time and move on to the next shiny object & or can't do it consistently because of time overwhelm & the added stress of needing to do soul-level healing at least once a week, (4 Phases, ICB type work, which is just as critical as DNA Activation).


Loosely speaking - (and this is intuitive, as proving this imperically is not possible at the moment) with one-off DNA Activation sessions, about 90% of forward progress [actual DNA Activation] is shut down within a week.


The above [serious] problem holding back evolution [courtesy of The Veil/darkness/the grid] was shown to the same Teams one works with in the 4 Phases & ICB.     


As a result ... a constant, 24/7 automated form of DNA Activation, based on 'The 4 Keys To Actual & Practical DNA Activation' was created. It's downloaded as PDF, you initially tape them on your water bottle/containers & by the 3rd month, you can start wearing them. 


'Set & forget' so to speak.


Many have reported an improved ability to do the critical internal work we all must do ... as well as improved perception, mood & enthusiasm. And these are preliminary results, as of this writing.

Return To True Self -

DE Hypnosis

This is perhaps the most neglected area in self-realization, healing & actualization of your True Identity. Or ... BEING your Higher Self.


Most spiritual gurus either don't recognize or fully appreciate how vastly different one's current incarnational identity / false 3D persona is ... from that of their Higher Self ... and the complications this brings. Which can & often does stop one dead-in-their-tracks with evolution & freedom.


What this means is ... Return To True Self - DE Hypnosis doesn't just remove or re-write false & negative programs from the sub-conscious mind. That's only half the battle. This DE Hypnosis also deals with the unrecognized adult mind's [false incarnational identity's] non-acceptance of its True Identity - and the completely different unfamiliar 'energies & frequency' of their True Identity.


Further more ... it's the only product that also addresses the adult mind's [false 3D persona] vicious subconscious fight to 'stick to what it knows' (the familiar world, paragdim & frequencies] because it fears [or believes in] in its own death if it returns to True Identity & the incarnational level. The true ticket to freedom & joy.


The stubborn adult mind & its false sense of self, also fights anything & any frequency/energy that it's simply not familiar with - no matter how much more aligned a given higher frequency is to their Higher Self - True Identity. This especially applies to those of us who've "been at this for decades" and think we know everything about all-things-spiritual.


You think moving to another city or country is a hard adjustment/change?


Wait till you start integrating more & more with your Higher Self / True Identity at the incarnational level ... and see just how 'lofty an ideal & experience' this is. Don't get me wrong ... sometimes it is a beautiful & amazing experience ... but sometimes it's - let's just say - 'confrontational'. Because few understand just how comfortable the conditioned adult mind can get with the uncomfortable    


I know this, partly because I see how much trouble people have connecting with & unidentifiable people are, with the intrinsic bigness of their True Identity.


As you can probably imagine - even using one of the above supports, really pushes one's paragdim & experiences into very unfamiliar frequencies in their daily life.

Open your mind & EXPLORE - to discover new and more powerful ways to do energy work - to take charge.

No matter what resource you use, whether it's paid or whether it's free ... make sure you open up your mind to the fact that there's always 'more' - in terms of spiritual paragdime ... what else 'is out there' ... new & little known Light Beings from levels of Light (or realms) few know about ... etc. As that old Einstein saying goes; " ... you can't solve a problem with the same level of consciousness it took to create it"

Having an open & curious mindset, helps you discover more & often 'better' - which accelerates your evolution, to return to bliss & love.

Such unheard of Levels of Light want to work directly with you now. It's time. They have new & different ways of transmuting that are extremely powerful, that you'll greatly benefit from to transform your life & actualize your potential. 

You can take your spirit guides ... Light teams ... & Archangels with you

There's no rule that says you can't take your current spirit guides, Higher Self & the commonly known Archangels with you .... when working with the powerful Light Teams you may not be familiar with. These Teams want to work with as many physical & non-physical beings in this Universe as possible -  like one big happy family.

What other people are saying.

" ... Greetings brother Jim. I thank you again for the De-hypnosis. I have done it twice & I can really feel the impact on me. I've also been doing the 4 Phases and, ICB Clearing more and more. Thank you for making me feel the way I am today. My energy level is up to par. Just wanted to thank you again brother for your help. ​

Everton Ras Kronik Edwards

Music Artist,

" ... I've really been able to 'step-up' in life, both in terms of over-all personal [higher] timeline & my career with my earth grids website. Above all ... I've been able to STAY there & only move up. NO more 'back-sliding' or aspects of my life 'exploding' and sending me back down in frequency. I've got the 4 Phases ... ICB ... De-Hypnosis ... to thank for that".

About the Creator: Jim Tourtsakis

Jim is the creator/author of The 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System & Internal Compression Breakthrough (ICB), De-Hypnosis & the '4 Keys based' DNA Activation Codes.


He's helped make the spiritual world aware of the crucial need to clear internally in a non-linear way - from Omnipresence ... and with Beyond Multiversal Beings for the necessary & robust enough energetic backing, to vastly accelerate healing for bigger & faster results.


He is also founder of the 144k Activation Campaign & also has a weekly online radio show - Ground Crew Command Radio - where he informs ... motivates ... trains ... guides ... inspires ... and constantly reminds the 144k and other kindred spirits of why they're here, how to carry out their missions for the planet & for their own empowerment, and honor who they really are.

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