... in short, DNA Activation has to occur on a continuous, 24/7 basis to really get somewhere & change your life – and combine this approach with the other 3 Keys below, so that none of them become a ‘suppressing factor’ in your journey to actualized DNA Activation & the liberation to mind, body & soul this brings.


Negative Environment 

Discover why the environment you & I live in day-to-day, has a suppressing effect on the DNA Activation process & how to finally triumph over this 

Consistency & Practicality

Also learn why one-off ... even weekly, DNA Activation sessions work very slowly, or very little in the long-term, & how this has been solved 

False Identity Block

Another untold block to consistent DNA activation that delivers results. The

'familiar & comfortable' 

world & false sense-of-self does suppress progress. See what to do about it below 

The Foundation, First

Discover why one cannot just go ahead & 'activate' DNA.

Learn how to firstly clear your physical DNA - fix reversed scalar wave programs & re-order them to correct sequences, in an automated 'set-and-forget' way  



DNA Activation has to be done continuously … you have to do it very consistently, because each week your environment gradually shuts down or pushes back progress (from EMFs, negative thoughts/emotions, etc).


The most AMPLIFIED and effective way to activate DNA is the - continuous 24/7 kind.




DNA … is a VAST structure of systems … programs … crystal … of many, many physical & non-physical layers.


Maintaining constant never-ending focus, putting in constant time and energy into healing, clearing & activating such a vast system over a 12 month period – in our impossibly busy & time-starved modern world ... ‘ain’t gonna cut it’ anymore.


And the two-sides-of-the-coin below reveal the other crucial reasons.  


Soul Side

of the healing & life transformation coin

Time must also be put into healing current & past life traumas & other blocks at the soul level, EACH WEEK. That's the non DNA side of the coin to transforming your life.


And I know you hardly have time & energy for even this crucial part that I certainly know (as a long-time healer) you can't skip.


The negative non-physicals & past imprints from unhealed – soul level – blocks ALSO gradually shut down DNA Activation or ‘distract’ you over time ... and off you go to the next bright shiny object that's not holistic enough in ‘covering all the bases’ for actualized life transformation.


This is sometimes referred to as being a 'personal development junkie' or 'being spiritual' ... which doesn't mean anything if you're sick & broke all the time, with you're personal frequency timeline not CONSISTENTLY going up, to bigger-&-better.


And if you're serious about ending the pain, embarrassing failures & frustration of trying to reach crucial goals you need met - to live the life of joy, fulfillment & respect  ... I'm here to let you know that a minimum of 1hr of deep internal soul-level work is needed ... ONCE A WEEK. 

DNA Side

of the healing & life transformation coin

Roughly half your blocks, are in your DNA … as far as your current incarnation & manifesting what you want is concerned.


And that's just your physical DNA ... with things like parental & ancestral DNA blocks, false or negative programs in DNA templates ... never-mind activating your higher non-physical strands of DNA.


In short, DNA Activation has to occur on a continuous, 24/7 basis to really get somewhere & change your life – and combine that with consciousness growth of the stubborn adult mind’s false incarnational persona/identity – so that, THAT does not become a ‘suppressing factor’ in your DNA Activation.


Doing a 20min or 1hr DNA Activation session once a week, (like you have that kind of time) just to have your:

  • Environment
  • EMFs with constant negative frequencies & negative programs getting absorbed by your DNA (and no, EMF protective pendants don't cut-it anymore thanks to the 5G roll out, unless they're battery powered & give out their own neutralizing pulse)
  • your occasional negative experiences that suppress DNA too


... all of which combine to shut down roughly 90% of forward DNA Activation progress ... by your next DNA Activation session. And that's assuming you can maintain that consistency for a minimum 12 months.




You don't build a skyscraper - that is your Higher Self - on old rotted foundations of a cottage 

  • Negative, false or reversed programs must go

    Negative, false or reversed PROGRAMS in your DNA templates must be cleared or re-programmed, before you can start ‘activating them’.




    Because if there’s too many blockages from past traumas … reversed programs … negative memories … negative parental imprints, etc … you won’t be able to accrete, hold, or ‘bring into the physical’ the extreme High Light of your non-physical DNA when that starts to get activated.

  • Activate 'Sub' DNA Templates For A Surge of Higher-Self Light

    Sub-templates must be activated too. There’s 12 sub-templates within each DNA Template. Having these incrementally activated brings in much more Light, allowing you to permanently vibrate at a higher frequency which naturally attracts other high frequency people ... opportunities ... places ... events ... and flow.      



    Save Time & Effort To Be ABLE To Make The REQUIRED

    Long-Term Focus & Committed Nature of Actual DNA Activation That HOLDS 

    … a Reality 

    They are quantum portals, in the form of new [to this matrix] 3D sacred images you download & print out, that pass to the antenna receptors of your DNA, the intelligence of your cells & and your aura - to heal ... reprogram & activate your DNA

    • Here's the details of the 4 Codes that's finally available to you

    • And the feedback we've received from users

    DNA Code 1:

    Healing, Clearing & Preparing Your Physical DNA

    As required, your body starts to receive & utilize the stream of Codes & Light from DNA Code 1.


    As things like blockages from past traumas … negative events … negative parental imprints … start to be cleared, you’re not just clearing for clearing’s sake ...


    ... you’re laying the solid foundation required for your natural ability to truly connect with your non-physical DNA … to thus bring in your BIGGNESS down into your current incarnation, and finally BE ...


    … or express your natural bigness/True Identity to overcome any challenge or manifest an outer reality that an accurate reflection of the natural abundance & joy of your soul.


    You can’t fit a beautiful skyscraper made out of crystal (your Higher Selves) … onto the damaged or rotted foundation of a small house.

    User Feedback

    Beta testers have reported feeling happier & ‘lighter’. Including improved overall mood in one particular busy office staffed by 4-5 people.


    And that was a blind study. They didn’t know their boss (a friend of mine) stuck Code 1 onto the water container they drink from.


    This makes sense, and an expected result of blockages from past traumas … negative events … negative parental imprints … starting to be cleared.


    This means you'll already ascend to a higher frequency, making it easier to manifest ... attract ... do things ... maintain breakthroughs ... let alone make them - and achieve the fulfillment & excitement that comes with this.


    Then there's CODE 2:

    DNA Code 2:

    Correcting The Order & Direction Of Scalar Wave Programs In Your DNA Templates

    With the 2nd Code, the proper sequencing & direction of the programs that have made you into to who you currently are - and or - your current state, are gradually corrected.


    And it is done gradually, as the current incarnational false persona, or false incarnational identity (typically something very divorced from one’s True Identity/Higher Self) won’t be able to handle vast differences between the two … if it were to happen overnight or too fast.


    A basic example of the kind of [scalar wave] programs that are placed back into its natural & divine sequencing & direction are:


    God is outside of me ==> God is within me


    I am apart from this Universe ===> I am part of this Universe


    I AM not I AM ==> I AM the I AM


    The Universe hates me ==> The Universe Loves me


    Fear rules this Universe ==> Love rules this Universe


    I have been forsaken ==> I am loved & supported

    … etc


    Obviously it gets much more complex than that – but you get the idea.


    This is also part of laying the foundation for beginning to activate your non-physical DNA. A crucial step that can’t be missed.

    User Feedback

    Beta testers have reported feeling more positive & passionate. Their enthusiasm & drive returned.


    This is clearly important to be able to have the energy to take control of your day-to-day … not take no for an answer, for the direction you want your life to go … without the fear or usual trepidation & dread.


    This in-turn creates excitement that comes with the knowing that your ability to manifest what you want (or what you current incarnation ‘thinks’ it wants) is being unraveled. It also helps quicken the dissolving of dependency on any ‘thing’ or person who does not honor & respect who you are & your journey.

    DNA Code 3:

    DNA Activation That HOLDS

    So this is where the actual activation of DNA occurs … and this time it can be maintained, because:


    1. you’re constantly receiving the activating Light … frequencies … and codes through the water content in your body … into your aura & non-physical bodies … & into your DNA.


    1. this Code [3] also provides the latest ‘downloads’ of new scalar wave programs from your Higher Self, into your DNA templates & sub-templates


    1. installs them onto your DNA, then starts activating your non-physical DNA strands to finally get you back into your power & restore your free-will by being more in control


    … where the only thing limiting you is where  you’re at, in consciousness levels.


    The trick here is … for as long as you WEAR these codes or drink the water with them, you’re receiving much more DNA activating codes & Light, than DNA suppressing negative energies from either EMFs or negative environments.


    That’s a big part of why these Codes are so special, and different.


    Be free of all fear, bathe in that zest for life you had in your youth, notice people treat you with dignity & respect … regardless of the past or how things are now.

      User Feedback

      So far … people have reported improved 3rd Eye performance. They’ve said they can see energy/the non-physical better, easier & quicker.


      No need for hard focus.


      This has bought relief & far more ease to internal & aura clearing, that’s really needed by most.


      Results are still early, and they’re still coming in. So this site will be updated periodically.

      DNA Code 4:

      Triggering The Building Of The Original 144 Chromosomes.

      If you been on the DNA activation or self-actualization journey for a while, you’ll probably will have heard that apes, or primates … have 48 chromosomes … to our 46. Even though we’re supposed to be a more advanced species.


      Not to imply they’re any less precious & sacred beings than we are. But a part from that … have you ever wondered about this?


      Then there’s the big ‘mystery’ (and fundamentally unnatural fact) of humans being the only mammals on the planet that have reptilian DNA. A ‘mystery’ that scientist have long been scratching their heads about and given up as a ‘natural anomaly’.


      Of course … I’m alluding to genetic manipulation, which is a whole other story you can read all about on hidden human history websites.


      It’s time to resolve this, with a separate Code who’s purpose is specifically to trigger the chemical process of restoring our original divine 144 chromosomes.

        User Feedback

        Because of the vast power gained in fully actualizing DNA activation, much less restoration of physical chromosomes & the immense power that is predicted to bring about … our consciousness has to catch up in order to handle such power responsibly.


        It’s still early days with pushing the envelope to this degree.


        Because of the vast effect & results of what the first 3 Codes do … it takes some time for these first 3 Codes to lay the foundations & complete their part of the process enough, to where Code 4 can really implement its role.


        So we will post results on Code 4 once our most advanced beta testers are far enough into the process of self-actualization with the first 3 Codes.


        Yes … you can start using Code 4 at the beginning. But your DNA may not be ready enough to do much with it, at least at the beginning.


        Results are what matters, not promises. Here are typical experiences from users, who've made the needed breakthroughs without any disruption ... time ... or effort. 

        "... they increased my energy & boosted my stamina.  I feel more connected to my psychic abilities and my senses seem to be waking up ..." 

        Jerry Taylor - Real user

        Using the big images under glass water pitchers and the identical smaller images under drinking glasses did indeed affect me. It increased my energy and boosted my stamina. As one who rarely sleeps more than 3 to 4 hours, this was very significant.


        I taped the last small image facing my 3rd eye, to a folded bandana headband to wear comfortably and used it in the last 144K Mass Meditation, as well as at night, and I 'saw' things more clearly than ever before. I will always use it in this way during our 144K Meditations, as my 3rd eye was so severely damaged repeatedly in this lifetime....and the difference for me is very clear. 


        Overall, I feel more connected to my psychic abilities and my senses seem to be waking up.


        Now your new instructions to wear the smaller codes in pockets and one under my pillow within the pillow case will be interesting....for one thing I slept thru my alarm and my body slept more deeply. 


        I will report the results of the new placements as they occur.


        As always, I thank you dearly for what you do for us, all life, and for this Magnificent Planet herself.

        " ... heightened perception & awareness..."

        Alan Yates. - Real user

        Since using the RTYT DNA activation codes, I have most noticeably experienced more energy and stamina to get things done, and heightened perception and awareness.  In general, I feel good on a day to day basis.

        " ... My edema more than halved!  Synchronicity 

        drastically increased ... AND, I finally started clearing out my storage units, after procrastinating for over 18 years"

        Mary G - Real user

        My personal timeline jumped. Two of those Codes got me around crazy traffic, in a way that's never happened before. My dreams are more real. I felt like I really am in some other place!


        Number synchronicities drastically increased. And I finally started clearing my storage, after procrastinating for over 18 years, all the while paying $1000 per month in rent for it.


        I've got much more energy... my productivity is WAY higher. Impetus is there that certainly wasn't there before & I'm now always on the move. 


        I seem to have much more energy and clarity, and the usual dark circles under my eyes were gone.  My focus went way up too!

        " ... I got slimmer. My general lethargy disappeared. I have more openness to spontaneity, and my enthusiasm for building my small business returned. My 3rd eye improved ..."

        Harry T - Real user

        With the 1st Code, I noticed I got slimmer. I saw my general lethargy disappeared ... & I opened up to spontaneous experiences, which opened the flow to an abundance of creativity & original ideas. And that's only in the first week!


        My 3rd eye improved ... in both dreams & seeing the non-physical during waking hours. Remembering dreams has improved too.


        There is definitely an increase in the 'realness & visceral sense' of BEING in these other worlds during [and in remembering] these dreams.


        and I'm being quite serious.

        because of the greater purpose of healing & transforming the planet

        Despite the value of resolving what is probably the biggest challenge in DNA activation, which is suppression of overall progress in activation by one’s environment … I must make this accessible to as many people as possible.


        Not only because it helps transform lives …


        … but because it helps transform the planet. More on that below.


        So this isn’t a $1,000 course or product.


        And I refuse to give each code for $500 … even though the value is more-than-there, given what it does for people’s lives.


        I’m making all 4 Codes available to you (and you can use all 4 right away) for these following attainable prices below.




        Such a thing that works so well … or works period … so low?





        What’s the catch?


        You see … DNA Healing, Clearing & Activation is the other side of the coin to soul-level & aura healing. And as with soul-level & aura healing … the more a person is healed & activated with their DNA … the more Light is channeled through your filed & into Gaia’s grids, which



        heals her … and raises her frequency … which heals the collective & this world … which in-turn accelerates planetary ascension



        Ultimately … it’s all about returning to joy … abundance … fulfillment … love … connection and freedom.


        For you …


        For me …


        For everyone.


        DNA CODES

        Because we want more feedback ... a more robust & activated Army Of Light (if you're a 144K Member) and you need this ... for a very limited time only, you can get all 4 Codes for a low as $27 each - & you'll be helping us liberate Goddess Gaia too.


        $397 for all 4 - single purchase.

        144K MEMBERS

        Army of Light privilege




        $297 for all 4  

        + Discount Code



        for 144k Members ONLY



        to join the 144k, go to:


        at $10/month or up




        W/Discount Code on Patreon

        For Patreon Supporters @ $10/m or higher


        $144 for all 4 - single purchase


        which comes to


        $36 per code

        You can help support the 144k Outreach Campaign & get this discount by becoming a Patreon Supporter

        This is not a course

        You Can Do This Even If You Have NO FREE TIME

        You’re a busy mom, a dad with two jobs, a nine-to-fiver trying to start your business in your free time ... with the kind of time & energy pressures we have today … it’s far easier to achieve the same result without having to do some course. And it’s a LOT cheaper too..

        No gadgets or wands

        that you need to spend time learning & using

        That’s why 80 % of high tech or advanced tech gadgets end up in the closet 6 months later. These might break down or need replacement parts.

        With these codes, you don’t need a power source, and you have them with you all through the day, so your DNA is activating 24-7.

        It's great for children

        and family members. Improve their behavior.

        I know how hard & stressful family life can be. If you're worried your child has signs of ADD ... ADHD ... asperges, or some other behavioral symptom - place these codes under their pillow, or put the smaller ones in their pockets, and watch what happens. Give them & yourself real hope.

        Can be used for pets

        We were not expecting this, but we were PLEASANTLY surprised

        This was a very 'half baked' intuitive thought I had, but I was getting desperate over the naughty behavior of our 7 month old dog. She would bite ... harass ... demand attention, etc. So I placed the larger codes under her sleeping cushion, & her personality changed!

        She calmed right down, and mostly lied near my feet at my desk.

        Frequently asked questions

        Here are a few answers to our most common questions

        • 1. Do these DNA Codes need to be activated after I download & print them?

          No, they don't. They have already been activated in a certain way within Goddess Gaia - with her permission - and calibrated within her grids, because the frequencies coming through Goddess Gaia influence DNA too, which is part of the reason why the giants with alongated skulls from Atlantean times gradually had their height reduced to our height, as one example. This 'macro level' activation effects/activates all fractals [past, present & future] downloads & prints of these DNA Codes.

        • 2. How does my Higher Self work through these Codes?

          Your Higher Self is the reason why you're even reading these words. It has guided you to these Codes, to access them, so it can start activating your DNA in a way that is not blocked or hindered, as is the case with the originally planned/organic way of DNA Activation.

        • 3. After laminating them, can I wear them straight away?

          This is not recommended, as some people have reported feeling discomfort in the area of their body they placed them on. This is because too much is being cleared at once. A simple, easy instruction manual is included with these DNA Codes. It tells you to only use the Codes by taping them (facing inward) on your water bottle & large water container, and drink this water ... for the first two months of use. Then you can start wearing them, initially in your pockets, then directly on to your skin. The manual will guide you. 

        • 4. What about the dark ones. Can they effect these Codes?


          One of the reasons for the involvement & overseeing from beyond Multiversal Light Beings is to protect & ensure that no hex, curse, spell, bindings, infection ... etc, can effect these Codes through any kind of fractal infection or infiltration. In truth ... no level of darkness can compete with Beyond Multiversal Level Light Beings. Hence their involvement, which only entered this Universe in the late 20th century. Any conscious or unconscious dark being buys these Codes (or ends up having them) ... they will be connected to these extreme & mostly unheard of levels of Light ... and gradually transmuted, even if they don't wear them.

        • 5. I don't have a printer, or a laminator.

          It's important to simply go to your local print shop/office supply retail store (ex: Staples - in the US, Officeworks in Australia, etc) and get several copies of these Codes printed & laminated, to have as spare.

        • 5. Do I have to place them on both my small hand-held water bottle, as well as my large water container I fill my smaller bottle from?

          It's recommended ... but people have reported that simply placing the smaller sized Codes (you get 2 sizes of the same Codes) on their smaller hand-held water bottle, still works. What's more important is that if you place the larger sized DNA Codes on your large water container you fill your smaller bottle from, be sure to also place your smaller Codes on your smaller hand-held water bottle too ... to ensure that EMFs don't start to degrade the Codes that's within the water molecules & water quantum particles. 

        • 6. Is this an immediate download?

          It most certainly is.


          You get to use them straight away, and be well on your way to clearing far more blocks AND unlocking energy trapped within your DNA, to greatly accelerate your journey to confidence ... energy ... higher self esteem ... and more zest for life & soul path that many have reported as a result.

        • 7. Why do 144K Members get a discount?

          The biblical 144K are directly involved in putting in serious work, time & effort in spiritual healing ... clearing & grid repair on Goddess Gaia & humanity. It takes a lot of personal time, effort & dedication to do this (typically through their mass meditations) ... to free humanity. So they get special treatment.

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